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MBA Program Brochure

General Questions

Is the MBA AACSB accredited?

Yes, our program is fully accredited by AACSB International.

What is the T-Style MBA program?

The “T” style name comes from combining initial in-depth study of a particular topic, with the breadth of typical MBA Core courses. Students enrolled in the MBA program will focus on specialized courses in Business Analytics or Strategy, Innovation, and Leadership during their first year. In the second year of the program, students will round out their education by taking varied business foundations courses designed to equip them with the tools to be effective managers.

 I do not have a business degree. Can I still apply?

Yes, students who do not have a business degree can apply to the MBA program. However, we do recommend students have demonstrated academic knowledge in quantitative methods.

When does the program start?

New MBA cohorts are enrolled each Fall semester. You can access the application for the next incoming cohort here.

How long does it take to complete the MBA program?

Most MBA students are working professionals who enroll in our program part-time. Part-time students can follow a lock-step course sequence to earn their degree in two years.

Students interested in following an accelerated path and prioritizing academic progress may choose to enroll full-time. Full-time students can complete the MBA program in as little as one year.

Where and when do classes meet?

Classes will be offered in a hybrid format. Saturday residencies, held twice each academic term, allow you to engage in meaningful peer projects and presentations while networking with students, faculty, and our incredible roster of engaged industry practitioners.

Residencies will be held on campus at the School of Business:
Business Building, 114
2000 Pennington Rd.
Ewing, NJ 08628

Are the blended/online courses asynchronous or synchronous?

Our MBA program consists of two types of courses: blended and fully online. The blended courses will require students to attend 2 in-person residencies at the TCNJ campus on scheduled Saturdays each semester. Fully online courses, offered during each winter term, will not require any in-person class sessions.

Both the blended and the fully online courses will utilize a combination of asynchronous and synchronous instructional time. For the online asynchronous work, students will participate through a variety of instructional methods and in accordance with set due dates (for example, podcasts, discussions, course videos, assignments, peer review, simulations, group work, etc.) but will not be required to log in at a specific day and time. For the online synchronous work, students will be required to meet on specific dates and times that will be communicated at the point of course registration. Synchronous meetings will occur after work hours to accommodate students who are working professionals.

Degree Requirements

How many credits do I need to complete the MBA program?

42 credits are required to complete the MBA program. Students will earn a graduate certificate for their chosen specialization after completing 21 credits in their specialization area.

Can I transfer credits?

The School of Business will accept transfer credit for graduate courses taken at an AACSB-accredited business school, with a grade of B or better. The course must be equivalent to a course in our program and must be approved by the MBA Director. A maximum of 6 credits may transfer.

Will the specialization be listed on my degree?

The graduate degree will state Master of Business Administration. However, the specialization will be stated on the student’s final official transcript (i.e. Master in Business Administration with a specialization in Business Analytics). Students will also receive a graduate certificate for their specialization after completing 7 specialization courses (21 credits).

Can I earn a graduate certificate and complete the MBA (Year 2 coursework) at a later time?

All MBA coursework must be completed within 6 years of the first date of program enrollment. Example: If a student begins the MBA program in Fall 2019, earns their graduate certificate in Summer 2020, and then stops taking courses, they must re-enroll and complete all required degree courses by Summer 2025.

What if I do not complete all MBA courses with 6 years of starting the program?

Failure to complete all MBA coursework within 6 years will result in lost progress and the student must then reapply to the MBA program and follow any curriculum changes in effect at such time, which may include additional course requirements.

Application and Fees

Is professional work experience required?

Prior work experience is not required for Admission into the MBA program. Most competitive candidates will have completed 2+ years of full-time professional experience at the time of their application. Candidates from all professional backgrounds and industries are given full consideration for Admission.

Are GMAT / GRE test scores required?

Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or Graduate Records Examination (GRE) scores are not required as part of the MBA application process. Candidates with undergraduate cumulative GPAs below 3.0 are strongly encouraged to submit test scores as an alternate measure of academic readiness for graduate-level coursework.

TCNJ will accept GMAT or GRE score reports from tests taken within the last five years.

TCNJ GMAT Program Code: BRS-K7-52
TCNJ GRE Program Code: R2519

How much are tuition and fees?

The College of New Jersey provides a high quality education at a lower than average cost than other schools of similar quality.

Courses 14
Tuition (3 credits) $3,127.74
Fees (3 credits) $478.12

Admitted students will be required to pay a $500 enrollment deposit, four weeks after their admission offer.

The College of New Jersey provides a high quality education at a lower than average cost than other schools of similar quality. The tuition and fees listed above are are specific to the current academic year. Figures may change without notice and upon action of the Board of Trustees. Future academic years tuition and fees are subject to annual increase.

How much is the enrollment deposit?

Students will be required to pay a $500 enrollment deposit within 4 weeks of receiving their acceptance letter in order to confirm their seat in the entering cohort.

Are scholarships available?

TCNJ provides scholarship funding to alumni of The College. All students are eligible for Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loans. Additionally, students can seek loans from private lenders (i.e. personal bank or Sallie Mae). TCNJ’s FAFSA school code is 002642.

TCNJ Alumni Scholarship
Earn a $5000 scholarship towards a TCNJ MBA! Available to all TCNJ alumni, a $5,000 tuition scholarship will be awarded in two parts:

  1. Year 1, Fall Semester: $1250 applied to tuition
  2. Year 1, Spring Semester: $1250 applied to tuition
  3. Year 2, Fall Semester: $1250 applied to tuition
  4. Year 2, Spring Semester: $1250 applied to tuition

The full $5000 alumni scholarship is available for up to three years from the start of entering the MBA program.

Graduate Assistantships

Students pursuing a graduate degree at TCNJ may be eligible for some types of student financial assistance, including but not limited to student loans and assistantships. Graduate students must follow the same steps as undergraduates in applying for federal loan assistance.

Graduate students must be enrolled in at least five credit hours at the 500 level or above in order to be eligible for student loan assistance and for TCNJ to certify enrollment for a loan repayment deferment.

Semester Enrollment Requirements for Graduate Students
Full-time status = 9 or more credit hours
Half-time status = 5 credit hours
The enrollment requirements pertain to individual summer session enrollment as well.

Get Support From Your Employer!

You may be eligible for tuition assistance support from your current company.  This guide can help you develop a proposal to request tuition support from your employer.

Are there financial aid resources for Veterans?

TCNJ is a Yellow Ribbon school. Additionally, the Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) is available to serve and counsel veterans on the various financial aid resources available.

International Students

Are international students eligible for the MBA program?

International students pursuing full-time enrollment may be eligible for visa sponsorship pending academic eligibility and the submission of required personal documents, financial documents, and English language proficiency documentation. Students with questions about their eligibility to study can discuss their status with International Student Services

What are the required English proficiency requirements?

Applicants must submit the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) exam if English is not their native language. The School of Business requires a minimum score of: