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Jason C. Yager, CPA ABV PMP

Jason C. Yager, CPA ABV PMP

CFO, Global Tax Management

Jason Yager has been a practitioner in TCNJ’s MBA program since 2019, primarily working with Dr. Henry Han’s Strategy and Innovation course. As a practitioner, Jason is responsible for evaluating MBA students’ end-of-semester projects and delivering in-person lectures throughout the semester, which include topics such as Tesla’s innovative efforts and the future of the financial technology industry. Jason also teaches his own course, Persuasive Communication for Business, and actively serves on the MBA Advisory Board.

Prior to his position within the MBA program, Jason was a TCNJ undergraduate finance student, and later, an evaluator for the annual Mayo Business Plan competition hosted by the School of Business. After serving as an evaluator, Jason became aware of the MBA program’s call for practitioners and decided to pursue teaching at the higher education level.

Having been involved with the MBA program for several years now, Jason’s favorite moments as a practitioner often occur during semester-end presentations, when students present to their peers and display what they have learned throughout the class. One presentation in particular requires students to create and defend a potential innovation for an assigned company, demonstrating to a mock Board of Directors how the innovation will succeed in the face of real business risk. Seeing student teams showcase their flexibility, creativity, and professional skills to persuade and generate buy-in is the essence of the assignment and exactly what Jason enjoys most as a practitioner.