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Application Process

Admission to graduate study at The College of New Jersey is selective and competitive. Admission decisions are based generally on evidence of achievement in appropriate undergraduate studies, performance on nationally standardized tests, strength of recommendations, and other materials submitted with the application. The online application and all supplemental documents must be submitted to the Office of Graduate and Advancing Education by the appropriate deadline in order for an application to be considered complete. Please note that cohorts begin in the Fall only.

Application Info

Application for Fall 2021

MBA Prerequisites

Candidates who lack competencies below will be evaluated on their GMAT or GRE score, and/or may be asked to complete external modules to demonstrate quantitative proficiency. Examples of demonstrated quantitative methods knowledge may include, but are not limited to the following: Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, Finance or Mathematics/Statistics. Exposure to statistics, multivariable calculus and/or linear algebra are highly recommended for candidates interested in Data Analytics and Finance.

Application Requirements

  • Application
  • Essay
  • An earned bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university; Official transcripts
  • Two years or more of professional full-time work experience; Current resume
  • Application fee
  • Enrollment deposit
  • 1 letter of recommendation
  • National standardized admission test requirement (waivers are available)
  • Additional documents needed from international applicants seeking to study in the U.S.


Essay should be no more than 500 words, detailing your interest in the MBA program and how it fits into your career goals.

Letter of Recommendation

One letter of recommendation; from a supervisor (current or former). Our school will accept the GMAC Common Letter of Recommendation (LOR)

  • Recommender to download the Common Letter of Recommendation (LOR) PDF
  • Recommender to complete the template offline and save a final version to their computer (Applicant Last Name, Applicant First Name)

Recommender to directly email the LOR PDF to the Office of Graduate and Advancing Education, 

GMAT or GRE Test Requirement

Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or Graduate Records Examination (GRE) taken within the last five years*

  • TCNJ GMAT Program Code: BRS-K7-52
  • TCNJ GRE Program Code: R2519

Students who graduated with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above and demonstrated quantitative competencies or have completed an advanced degree may be exempt from taking the required GMAT or GRE. Additionally, the GMAT or GRE exam may be waived for candidates with 8 or more years of professional full-time work experience along with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above. Waivers will be considered case-by-case as the MBA Director grants or denies waivers based on their assessment of the applicant’s probability of success. Waiver requests should be sent to the MBA Director at  

Mini GMAT Quiz

gmat mini quiz

Fall Application Deadlines


Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis after the April 1st. Only completed applications will be reviewed for admissions.

Tuition & Costs

The College of New Jersey provides a high quality education at a lower than average cost than other schools of similar quality.

Tuition (3 credits)$2,821.68
-General Service
-Student Center
-Card Service 


Admitted students will be required to pay a $500 enrollment deposit, four weeks after their admission offer.

The College of New Jersey provides a high quality education at a lower than average cost than other schools of similar quality. The tuition and fees listed above are estimated for the fall 2019 academic year. Figures may change without notice and upon action of the Board of Trustees. Future academic years tuition and fees are subject to 2.5% increase. 

Financial Aid

Students pursuing a graduate degree at TCNJ may be eligible for some types of student financial assistance, including but not limited to student loans and assistantships. Graduate students must follow the same steps as undergraduates in applying for federal loan assistance.

Graduate students must be enrolled in at least five credit hours at the 500 level or above in order to be eligible for student loan assistance and for TCNJ to certify enrollment for a loan repayment deferment.

Semester Enrollment Requirements for Graduate Students
Full-time status = 9 or more credit hours
Half-time status = 5 credit hours
The enrollment requirements pertain to individual summer session enrollment as well.

TCNJ Alumni Scholarship
Earn a $5000 scholarship towards a TCNJ MBA! Available to all TCNJ alumni, a $5,000 tuition scholarship will be awarded in two parts:

  1. Year 1: $2500 applied to Fall tuition
  2. Year 2: $2500 applied to Fall tuition

The full $5000 alumni scholarship is available for up to three years from the start of entering the MBA program.

» Learn more about Financial Aid at TCNJ

International Students

TCNJ cannot sponsor students who do not already have eligibility to study in their current immigration status (i.e. employment visa, green card). Students with questions about their eligibility to study can discuss their status with International Student Services